Mason Bay

The rebirth and conversion of a New Zealand fishing boat-and maybe her further adventures. Other boats and observations will happen from time to time.....

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mason bay 24

Final painting done forward-well for now -will need one more top coat when accommodation finished.Decided to sell the big 50cc hydraulic pump.It was used to run all the trawl gear but was not properly mounted. will get a new 10-12cc one for the anchor winch and maybe a crane?Will be belt driven off the motor.Work carrying on aft with the new laminated stringers and I am laminating up a few new deck beams ready for later.I made a couple laminated  the other way-vertically as the Pilularis was warped the correct way exactly the right camber!Also took the sheathing off the engineroom bulkhead.

And we finish off with shots of EDNA Hudson's new trading ketch replica 57 by 18 by2'.Two vertical centreboards al a the scows

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