Mason Bay

The rebirth and conversion of a New Zealand fishing boat-and maybe her further adventures. Other boats and observations will happen from time to time.....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mason Bay 18

More ribs as usual!. I complete a topgallant rail for the bow and we move the coffee room (used to be the 'smoko room!) to the aft deck.........

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mason Bay17

Huge change this week!---arrived at work thursday and all the decks gone and only deck beams left.I had been humming and arring about the decks for some time-but oh so much better access now for engineroom ribs better light and ventilation. (Marcus did the deed Wed nite!) Meanwhile I have laminated up the port caprail forward. Re the decks-I might try to save the 20mm Kauri top layer by removing all the remains of the steel nails and plugging then gluing on top of the glassed ply-we will see. Stay tuned.....

Also EDNA update-Lister JP4 loaded in,cabin top lifted up.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mason Bay 16

Good progress this week with me finishing and shaping the stbd cap rail. Stringers going back in up forward so getting to the end of rib refurbishmet there and will move aft to the next section.Also featuredis EDNA a ferro copy of the original coastal trader of 100 yrs ago. Went on a visit to a local guy who has developed  and adapted a Citoen Dyanne into electric-very interesting-he comutes 25km eachway and runs aroun up town on a charge, which can be done overnight from his battery bank.He is off the grid. meanwhile work continues- its nowbeginnig of August 2010........

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mason Baay 15

Marcus continues to work aft on the ribs-now in what will be 'the Evening Saloon'

 I am working up forward on  new caprail-laminating out of Pilularis. Use the shape of the bulwarks to laminate to. Also reinstalled the refurbished garboard-a kauri spline glued to the top edge toget a good caulking seam back. Also shown are the 'leaf spring' scarffs we are using to mend 3 broken ribs up forward-she obviosly had a prang on the starboard bow sometime!.....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mason Bay 14

Time goes on-but it bis all ribs and more ribs! Marcus works steadily at those while I help and progress with side issues.These are for me the working out of the anchoring system.

So we progress aft with the new ribs between old, effectivly doubling up. Then just about all the 'bottoms' of the old ribs have been munched up-maybe the riverstone ballast rolling around? or freshwater from melted ice softening up the wood. The wood we believe is Southland Red Beech.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 13

I am working on the new anchoring spareman we call it.This is to hold the anchor chain out from the stemm a bit-it will be 150 by 100 (6 by4in) and will have a dumb sheave ie a groove in the wood. I had this on AVA and it worked well also in conjunction with a cathead to haul the anchor up to.Anchor planned is a 55 kg ROCNAR-designed and built here in NZ.Chain 12mm(half in) 100m.I managedto score a perfect fit second hand gypsy which will be hydraulic Also adding to the stemhead which at sometime had been cut down and I want to add a pair of 'topgallant rails.Marcus is doing the very difficult ribs up forward in the chain locker-not much room! We also moved the lunch room onto the aft deck.

More to come.....