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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Months!

Gosh time flies. Now into week 8 and have the garboard off.This is where we had the trouble coming up from Bluff-over the years and many raking outs and recaulking had worn the seam out to be too big to caulk anymore. So wll glue a splinr of 20mm Kauri on the top and reshape the seam.The sampson post is out and graving piece glued in where it was passing thru the deck.Also much scraping of paint up forward and new ribs installed in the space between the existing, thus completing the 'doubling up 'started in 1985. Here is the Accommodation plan- Day Saloon aft of wheelhous and Nite Saloon and bunk forward. Access here is from deck only.
Please note that the Deck day saloon and galley span full beam of the boat.Most conversions miss out on this,believing  'walk-round decks' are necessary.No way! We need a protected aft 'verandah' with no gale whistling down the side decks. Ha, how do you tie up? not that we make a habit of Marinas but if one does there will be a sampson post midships outside the wheelhouse door and we will tie up with a short strop and sort the springs and breast ropes later-this is what all the ferries do!.........More later

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