Mason Bay

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mason Bay 26

This is the final 'catchup' blog From now on I will do one when there is something interesting going on-and it may not have anything to do with Mason Bay! Tho I must say she fills my days pretty much.
I forgot to include the foto of the brass bolts last time so will include here.Now working thru some of the mechanicals. Started with pulling apart the steering shaft stuffing box and raking out all the old dry packing and installing new packing. Also drew the shaft and it is away getting metal sprayed and turned on a lathe-it was a bit worn at the packing gland end-the other at the Cutlass bearing all OK.The prop 29 by 17 is away at the prop mans getting checked and balanced.

Pulled apart the first fuel sepatator,blasted and painted with new ss screen inside. Also 72kg steering box blasted and painted both bright yellow-want the engineroom to be bright and cheery!.Finished the reribbing at last and on to replacing some dodgy planks down aft starboard.

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