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Sunday, June 19, 2011


I learnt this little trick the other day from a mate that works with us one day a week, and works on another workboat conversion at other times. It was passed on to them by a retired boatbuilder from the bay of Islands. The boat he is working on is a retired Pilot boat and was copper sheathed. This has been ripped off as it was badly carroded. So thousands of small holes to fill and the owner wants Kauri plugs glued in! This is the way to mass produce them on a small bandsaw. You make 2 slightly angled cuts up the grain of a stick of wood. Then slice off the 'prickles' with just enough wood to hold them together.He does it on a bigger pice with 10 each way ie 100 small tapered square plugs to be glued and tapped in.---tricky!!!

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