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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just setting up the camber in the cabin top. There will be two beams flowing aft from the wheelhouse to two posts at the stern - here represented by pieces of timber we had lying around. There are struts from the shed roof to induce the nice shear and then we placed a roof beam over just to get an impression. It is NOT the same shear as the deck. I believe that no two horizontal lines in a boat should be parrallel, which includes waterline, boot-top, cove stripe, rubrail,deck, toerail, caprail, cabintop. So you get minus points from me if you put a 3 by 1 toerail fore and aft screwed onto the deck!It should be high at the bow tapering down to lowest freeboard and then raising slightly to the stern. Hey, that's enough for now - golly its hard to get lines right in the shed.
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