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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Over ayear ago B and I travelled 250kms south with a trailer to a) visit my brother in Hamilton and b) to pick up a Kauri slab I had bought over the net,It is an old counter top from a laundry and one piece 2.7m long, 700 wide and 50mm thick ($nz350) .Done - I thought, my galley bench solved. It stayed racked down below in the timber rack all this time. Now we are ready for it as it will form a longitudinal brace for the last plywood panel to close up the deck saloon. Made a pattern and cut it to shape. It spans the whole distance and will one day have a shelf below, but its done for now. One end rests on the aluminium double-hung window frame where it was rabeted to rest on with the wet box below, the other end on a cleat by the alcove for the wood range. As soon as it was up the last ply panel was glued and screwed on and lo and behold tools ended up on it!
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