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Monday, April 4, 2011


Had a big day Sunday and was too buggered to post last nite.We had to get it all to the stage of readyness for the installation of aft deck beams. No dust and no workers. We have got Ian now and he agreed to start on a Sunday. So it was right round with the undercoat then lunch and then right round with the first topcoat.we will wait till after the fitout for the final coat.
paint system as follows
1... primer JOTUN grey heavey duty and smells to hi heaven! note this was allredy done.
2...Undercoat is RESENE water-borne quick dry
3...Topcoats RESENE water-borne gloss enamel-1/4 Spanish White- a sort of vintage off white.

Note tis is not acrylic paint but water-borne enamel-thre are no acrylic polymers

Willuse this on the exterior also.

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